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about free bicycles.2017/04/20

We lend the free bicycle.
I just began maintenance, there are no enough bicycles....
Please understand it.

shop of Den Shade2016/09/03

お時間のある方は是非おいでください。 9時開場です。

big fireworks in kawaguchiko 2016/07/02

on 8/5th It is Kawaguchiko fireworks.
We can look at very big fireworks for 100 time of memory in this year.

Herb Festival in Kawaguchiko 2016/06/23

Herb Festival of Lake Kawaguchi is held.
Oishi place and the Yagizaki place can go by bicycle than den in in from 15 to 20 minutes.
Please enjoy a comfortable fragrance.


He carried from Thailand.


wonderful photo which two lady staying dens-inn
took this morning. so.... nice

Takoyaki night 2nd2016/04/03

Delicious Takoyaki.... Wow... it is Free...

Takoyaki night. 1th2016/04/03

Takoyai nigth in a lounge of the Dens-inn from 7:00 every Saturday.
The Takoyaki is a snack of Osaka.
The guest makes it togerter very delicious, too and enjoy it

sakura is soon2016/03/22

so beutiful sakura

Cerry blooms come soon ...2016/03/03

You can see the cherry blooms from Dens-Inn on foot around 3 minutes.

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